Sunday, September 21, 2008

Knitting the Garden

I love how this square has turned out!
It literally looks like a scene you would find in my garden. Knitting the spider and the bugs (complete with wings) was a blast, and this square would make an appropriate addition to my dream afghan.
Well, this is three squares down, but I have 17 more to go. I am currently working on the fourth square (1/4 of the way done), and so far it is looking pretty good. Yes, I will post pics of that square when I am done with it.

Friday, September 19, 2008

This & That

My Trailblazer II socks are coming along. It takes a while since I work full-time and I have other projects I am working on. The foot and the heels are done ~ now I am just working on the cuff. Easy as pie

I've decided to work on an afghan. I found some really cool patterns in the booklet The Great American Afghan and decided to go with that. I have to knit up 20 squares (12" by 12"), graft them all together for a 4 feet by 5 feet afghan, pick up the stitches on the outside edges and knit a cabled border. It is a fun project, I've already finished two squares and am working on the third.

This was a simple square to get me started.

This one was a fun and quirky project. You start on the outside and spiral in to the center as you knit.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mum's Shawl & "Trailblazer II"

These are the two skeins of yarn that Mum bought for her shawl. They are both spun from mohair, and felt like butter as I was knitting them up.

The shawl is done! This was certainly a quick project considering the size of it. It is literally a triangular, warm and fuzzy blanket!

After designing my own "trailblazer" sock, I decided that I would like a pair using finer charcoal yarns and a size US1 circular needle. Since this is NOT a written pattern, I decided to knit both pairs on one needle at the same time so that they would be absolutely identical to each other ~ stitch for stitch, and row for row ~ when I cast them off the needle! So far the toes and the foot is looking pretty good. Keep your eyes open for future posts about the "trailblazer II".