Saturday, April 17, 2010


Finally got hooked up.
Being able to hear is a very strange experience. I am hearing a lot, and some of the things I am hearing I have a hard time recognizing what it is. Ahhhh, it takes practice. But, I do know that I absolutely hate the sound of crinkling plastic bags ~ the next check-out clerk that cracks out the plastic bags for my groceries will get a pen stabbed into her jugular.

I've started the sweater for my TKGA MastKnitter certification. Actually, I started it twice. The first time I got to the mid-rif and realized I hated the look of the increase technique suggested by Barbara Walker. Even the cast-on was blah. So I ripped the whole thing out (it was good therapy), and started over using different cast-on and increasing methods. So far I like the results the second time around, so I'll keep at it.

And excuse me for not posting pictures of the sweater in progress. I am designing an Aran sweater for me mum, and the patterns that have been chosen and created tells a bit of her story. I will post pictures of it after the sweater is complete, and the pattern submitted to TKGA (copyright protection).

Until the next post.